Granite Steps In the late 1800’s, acclaimed author Sarah Orne Jewett spent several summers on the St. George peninsula which inspired the book “the Country of the Pointed Firs”. Widely considered by critics to be her masterpiece, the book is about a city woman who spends a summer in a tiny fishing community and is changed by her experience. In the 115+ years since the book was first published, countless people have discovered a similar magic by experiencing what the St. George peninsula has to offer. Surely what influences the colorful local character and charm of this region is the astounding marriage of sea, sky and enchanted forests that grace the craggy coastline that we call home. As gardeners, we derive inspiration from this natural mix. We see how native plants adapt to the dynamic conditions of wind, water, and salt air. We notice the subtleties and juxtapositions of weathered stone and adaptive plants within the larger context of our local ecosystem - where balance is underlying clue to the mystery of natures harmony. MAIN PAGES: INTRODUCTION ABOUT NEWS TESTIMONIALS COFFEE HUT VIDEOS CONTACT PORTFOLIO: STEPS PATIOS WALKWAYS WALLS PLANTINGS SERVICES: DESIGN HARDSCAPE LAWN & GARDEN WINTER

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